Saftey Guidelines

Safety Guidelines for Pressure Washing

While remaining approximately 3-4 feet away from the surface you plan on pressure washing:

  • Protective glasses – In addition to protecting your eyes from water spraying back you will from time to time have a piece of material that you are washing break off.
  • Spray materials only – Never spray another person or anything living for that matter as high pressure spray can cut through skin and cause serious injuries.
  • Live wires – Make sure all extension cords and power cords are away from standing water to avoid shock or electrocution. Make sure to test CGFI before you start spraying.
  • Water supply – Always connect to water supply before turning on water supply to avoid damage the pump.
  • Adjustments – Always adjust spray tip and spray pattern while pressure washer is off.
  • Hose safety – Never try to mend the high pressure hose if it is damaged or worn, it is safer to just replace it.
  • Small engines – Do not operate machine in closed area as Carbon Monoxide can accumulate.
  • Protective wear – Always wear closed toed-non slip shoes too avoid slip and fall accidents.
  • Stabilize machine – Use pressure washer from a ladder only when needed to reduce the risk of falling.