How to Pressure Wash a Patio

If you are thinking about pressure washing your patio there are a few things you should know. As you can see in the pictures on our patio portfolio page, patios come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made of numerous materials including concrete, flagstone, wood, brick and more. Depending on the size of your patio you may want to think about a do-it-yourself power washing project but if your patio is somewhat large the project can be tedious and time consuming if you are using non-commercial equipment.

If you ultimately decide to tackle your patio powerwashing yourself, there are a few things you need to know before starting. First, it there are mold, mildew or large stains you may have t hand scrub these areas with a brush. If your patio is made of wood or parts of it are made of wood it may require a light sanding and staining. And, if your patio is made of brick or flagstone be careful not to use too high pressure in between each material as you may have to re-grout when you finish

How to Power Wash a Patio - Before
How to Power Wash a Patio – Before
How to Power Wash a Patio - After
How to Power Wash a Patio – After

Tips for Cleaning Patio

  • make sure all windows are shut and all doors are closed
  • if possible turn off the power to all electrical fixtures including lights and fixtures
  • remove everything that can be damaged by a cleaning agent including furniture
  • cover all plants, shrubs and flowers

Items you will Need to Wash Patios

  • water
  • cleaning agent
  • soft brush
  • hose
  • pressure washer
  • bucket
  • flat work machine
  • if staining- sandpaper, stain, and sealant

Process of Power Washing Patios

While you can clean any way you want it makes the most sense to start from the highest point of elevation and work your way down to the lowest point of elevation so you do not have to clean the same areas twice. This also ensures that the soap that is being rinsed off will trickle down and help clean the lower parts more than once. The professionals at J&J Power Wash will mix cleaning agents into a five gallon bucket and apply with our spray applicator.  Let the cleaning agent work its magic on the siding for several minutes before you start hand brushing or rinsing the patio. It also helps to keep an additional 5 gallon bucket filled with a cleaning agent that you can periodically dip your soft brush into during the brushing process.