How to Pressure Wash a Pool

Most pool decks that we are asked to pressure wash are made of concrete or a similar material. Concrete is not as easy to clean as vinyl but definitely is one of the easier materials to powerwash. You can probably make pressure washing a pool deck a do-it-yourself  project depending on the size. While a residential pressure washer can easily handle the job any professional pressure washing contractor would use a flat work machine, which looks similar to a floor buffer and cleans anywhere from a 12 inch diameter area to a 48 inch diameter area, depending on the size of the machine. A residential pressure washer on the other hand only covers an inch or two diameter area depending on the nozzle you use. If you have free time go ahead and try it yourself and if is seems like to large of a job give us a call. To set up a free estimate call us 609-431-0853 or fill out our online form. Click on the images below to enlarge them or visit our portfolio page for additional before and after pictures.

How to Power Wash a Pool
How to Power Wash a Pool – Before
How to Power Wash a Pool - After
How to Power Wash a Pool – After

Tips for Cleaning a Pool Deck

  • make sure all windows are shut and all doors are closed
  • if possible turn off the power to all electrical fixtures including lights and fixtures
  • remove everything that can be damaged by a cleaning agent including furniture
  • cover all plants, shrubs and flowers
  • do not leave the pressure washer close to the pool
  • spray away from the pool, not towards the pool

Items you will Need to Clean a Pool Deck

  • water
  • cleaning agent
  • soft brush
  • hose
  • pressure washer
  • bucket
  • flat work machine (optional)

Process of Cleaning a Pool Deck

The process of pressure washing the area around the pool is quite simple. Just spray your cleaning agent on all exposed concrete areas and wait several minutes to allow the cleaning agent to loosen any dirt or stains. If there are several noticeable stains you may want to take a soft tip brush and scrub clean. Then, rinse clean by pressure washing every square inch of exposed concrete. Again, this is not a difficult project, just time consuming.