Can you Pressure Wash in Atlantic City?

Governor Christie Recently Signed an Executive Order to Secure Water Supplies in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in order to secure New Jersey’s water supplies. Executive Order 106 declared a state of water emergency and thus authorized the Department of Environmental Protection to implement water usage restrictions across the state. It also encourages cooperative efforts across the state to ensure sound water use, both inside and outside the home. The Administrative Order includes the following water use restrictions, prohibitions and exemptions:

  • All indoor water use, including showers, baths and domestic cleaning, must be conducted with minimum amounts of water;
  • Non-essential outdoor water use is prohibited;
  • Watering of grass, lawns and landscapes is prohibited except for newly sodded or seeded areas done by professional landscapers or immediately following a commercial application of fertilizer, pesticide or herbicides; minimum amount of water should be used during these applications;
  • Use of water for washing paved surfaces, such as streets, sidewalks, driveways, garages, parking lots and patios is prohibited;
  • Outdoor use of water for ornamental or aesthetic purposes, including fountains, artificial waterfalls, and reflecting pools is prohibited, except to preserve or support wildlife
  • Use of water for municipal street sweeping is allowed only with non-potable water and with minimal use necessary;
  • Use of water for power washing of buildings is prohibited except for commercial enterprises engaged in power washing, and with minimum water use;
  • Car and truck washing, except for emergency vehicles, is prohibited;
  • Commercial car washing is allowed but with reduced rinse cycles and use of recycled water for pre-rinsing of vehicles;
  • Cars and trucks at dealerships may only be washed just prior to delivery, with wash time limited to three minutes;
  • Serving of water in restaurants, clubs, or other eating establishments is prohibited unless specifically requested by patrons.

Once the water use restrictions are removed J&J Power Wash will be one of the first companies cleaning up the Jersey Shore one building at a time. If you are looking for residential and commercial pressure washing services in Atlantic City or the surrounding areas in South Jersey or want to book a free estimate online, please fill out our online form by clicking here. Or if you prefer to speak to a person over the phone we can be reached at 609-431-0853.

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