Pleasantville Clean-up After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit Pleasantville, NJ with 80 mile per hour winds forcing many locals to gather at the Pleasantville High School Shelter set up by Red Cross and the Salvation Army. While the town was evacuated some citizens did not obey and chose to stay behind with pets and relatives. It was not all tears of sorrow for those staying in the shelter has songs by the Eagles, Al Green and “The Sun Will Come Out” from the movie “Annie” could be heard throughout the night by those lucky enough to evacuate on time.

The Red Cross provided comfort kits, blankets and cots while the Salvation Army provided food for the 180 residents taken in by Pleasantville High School and the 220 taken in by Pleasantville Middle School. Soon after Sandy passed it was on to clean-up. With water in the streets, trees in lawns, and debris scattered about this is not going to be an easy task.

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