How to Pressure Wash a Tennis Court

If you are planning on powerwashing a regulation size tennis court with a residential pressure washing machine, give me a call next year when you are finished. To put it in perspective the job pictured above took a two person crew nearly 8 hours to complete with two commercial pressure washers and a flat work machine. A flat work machine looks like a floor buffer but is made for the outdoors and cleans about ten times faster than that of a normal pressure wash stream. While this is hands down the dirtiest tennis court job we have had to tackle the square footage alone should be enough to scare you away from trying it on your own. To set up a free estimate call us 609-431-0853 or fill out our online form. Click on the images below to enlarge them or visit our portfolio page for additional before and after pictures.

How to Power Wash a Tennis Court - Before
How to Power Wash a Tennis Court – Before
How to Power Wash a Tennis Court - After
How to Power Wash a Tennis Court – After

Tips for Cleaning Tennis Courts

  • make sure all windows are shut and all doors are closed
  • if possible turn off the power to all electrical fixtures including lights and fixtures
  • remove everything that can be damaged by a cleaning agent including furniture
  • cover all plants, shrubs and flowers

Items you will Need to Wash a Tennis Court

  • water
  • cleaning agent
  • soft brush
  • hose
  • flat work machine
  • commercial pressure washer
  • bucket

Process of Power Washing a Tennis Court

While you can clean any way you want it makes the most sense to start from one end and work your way down to the other so you do not have to rinse or clean the same areas more than once. The professionals at J&J Power Wash will mix cleaning agents into a five gallon bucket and apply to one side of the tennis court with our spray applicator.  Let the cleaning agent work its magic on the siding for several minutes before you start hand brushing and using the flat work machine. Once you have brushed the dirty areas and used the flat work machine on every square inch of the tennis court you can then use your power washer to rinse off the cleaning agent and dirt. It also helps to keep an additional 5 gallon bucket filled with a cleaning agent that you can periodically dip your soft brush into during the brushing process.